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Interface ClientOptions

The options that can be passed to the Altogic client instance




  • ClientOptions



apiKey?: string

The unique app environment API Key which needs to be created using the Altogic app designer. The apiKeyis passed in Authorization Header when making RESTful API calls to your app endpoints. This key is different than the clientKey used when creating an instance of Altogic client library. clientKey is primarily used to manage access rigths of the client library whereas apiKey is used to manage access to your app endpoints.

localStorage?: ClientStorage

Client storage handler to store user and session data. By default uses Window.localStorage of the browser. If client is not a browser then you need to provide an object with setItem(key:string, data:object), getItem(key:string) and removeItem(key:string) methods to manage user and session data storage.

realtime?: RealtimeOptions

The configuration parameters for websocket connections

signInRedirect?: string

The sign in page URL to redirect the user when user's session becomes invalid. Altogic client library observes the responses of the requests made to your app backend. If it detects a response with an error code of missing or invalid session token, it can redirect the users to this signin url.

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